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Trauma, ADHD and Neurodiverse specialized therapy

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Since you found your way to us, it's likely that you or a loved one needs a helping hand or a listening ear. You've come to the right place. We are a team of registered clinicalcounsellors in Vancouver BC, ready to help you or someone you love work through their unique challenges and personal struggles.

What is Healing Waves

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Healing will come in waves throughout our lives. We will have moments when we are ready to heal and other moments when we are not prepared to take that step.

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Emotions will come in waves. There will be times when we feel great and strong, and other times when we will feel sad, depressed, and unprepared to deal with emotions.

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Healing waves is a way to connect to nature and the ocean. The sound of waves can be so therapeutic, picturing the waves, imagining the fresh ocean air that comes with waves.

Healing Waves Counselling is a center for virtual counselling in Vancouver and all of Canada that specializes in providing a personalized, holistic approach to working through trauma and healing from old wounds in order to become the best version of yourself.

In today's society, everything is rushed, technology is everywhere, and it can feel like all aspects of our lives are constantly being judged, watched or criticized, making it difficult to find peace and joy for even a moment of your day.

Fortunately, no matter what your struggles may look like, you have the innate ability to grow, heal and overcome the obstacles of life, regaining your peace, healing your mind and reclaiming the inner strength that lives inside of you.

The foundation of Healing Waves Counselling is the concept that every individual deserves to feel comfortable and empowered in their own body. To this end, we offer counselling in BC that focuses on helping you reconnect with your true self as well as your surroundings. By learning how to be present and become grounded internally and externally, you are learning how to begin your healing journey.

Every one of our counsellors in Vancouver can help guide you through your personal journey, holding space for you and offering support, advice, empathy and solidarity through every step. When you're with Healing Waves Counselling, you are in a safe space that encourages you to be your authentic self, no matter what that looks like.

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Emotions, like waves can be calm and peaceful, or can be overwhelming like a tsunami and overtake us.

Our Services

Individual Counselling
Consultation Call
50 min sessions in
person or online

$155 plus tax
15 min consultation call

80 min

$240 plus tax
Couples Counselling
50 min couples session

$180 plus tax

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We offer a variety of services that encompass the broad range of needs our clients may come to us with, including:

Consultation Call: A free, 15-minute consultation session where you can address any questions or concerns and get to know your counsellor to ensure a comfortable working relationship.

Individual Counselling: Our individual sessions can help you work through challenges like anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, relationship difficulties and chronic stress using proven therapeutic methods.


Couples Counselling: Healthy relationships take consistent work, and developing positive communication strategies for addressing unmet needs and other challenges can help you both learn how to be supportive partners and foster a happy relationship.


EMDR: This is a psychotherapy treatment that helps facilitate healing from trauma by allowing your brain to process the events in a healthy, supported way.

"We get disconnected because it's too painful to be ourselves"
Gabor Mate

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If you or your loved one are ready to take the first step onto the path of healing and rediscovering your true self, call or contact our office today to book your free, 15-minute consultation with us.

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