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Why I created Healing Waves

I created healing waves counselling because I hope to provide people with a different type of healing experience


We live in such a fast-paced society where we are constantly striving to compete, do better, and make more money that we forget to be present.


I want people to be able to work through their trauma and have them feel comfortable in their own skin


I want to reconnect people with themselves, reconnect with nature and the earth. Reconnecting to the environment and our surroundings can be so healing and grounding.


I am here to walk with the client side by side on their journey. They are the experts of their own lives. I am here to hold space for them and walk with them. I am not there to push or pull them but simply to be there with them.


I want the client to feel safe. Having a space where one feels safe will allow our body to open up.

Lien Dilewijns

Counsellor & Owner

RCC # 19049

I am a registered clinical counsellor with the BCACC and a psychotherapist in private practice specializing in a variety of areas.

I specialize in ADHD, trauma, relationship issues, life transitions, grief & loss, anxiety, and depression. I incorporate mindfulness practices as well as somatic pieces in my sessions which can help with other wellness issues for both individuals and couples.

I strive to provide a counselling space that fosters safety, encourages growth, and supports each individual’s innate healing potential. I value allyship with Indigenous and 2SLGBTQ+ communities.​ I have experience working with individuals with childhood trauma, individuals experiencing domestic violence, and individuals living with anxiety, depression, and self-harm. These experiences have all come together to ignite a deep appreciation for the power of community and the importance of connection. I have a strong passion for deepening our learning and finding support for healing through mindfulness. 


Education & Training

Masters of Counselling Psychology

Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BCACC

Bachelor of Arts with a major in sociology and a minor in business management

Somatic Attachment Psychotherapy


IFS skills and competencies intensive

Trauma and Somatic Connection by Peter Levine

Broken Connections: Healing Strategies for Trauma and Attachment, Dianne Poole Heller and Gabore Mate

Relationships as Mirrors of our Trauma, Esther Perel

Examining the Root Cause of Addiction from an Indigenous Lens, Gina Perez-Baron, Pat McCabe, Daniel RYNO Herrera, & Dr. Gabor Maté

Decolonizing Trans Health


“Trauma creates silence” 
by Jamie Lee Curtis

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